SIDS Alert Device

The main goal of our project is to design and produce a device that can be worn by an infant that will track infants vitals, such as oxygen levels, temperature, and heart rate. This device will then be able to display this data to the caregiver and give alerts when something appears to be abnormal. The main goal behind this is to allow the caregiver to be able to monitor their baby and hopefully detect and prevent SIDS. Our advisor for our project is Professor Joseph Zambreno, and is sponsored by Micron Technologies.

Meet the Members

Caleb Van Dyke I am a senior in Software Engineering graduating in December 2015. I interned for Telligen two summers ago which is a healthcare software company. I primarily worked on Java code used to store data in a SQL database. This past summer I worked for Garmin and worked on developing prototypes for there new NoSQL database that was designed to improve search efficiency. This next summer I will be working for Google in Boston, MA working on the Google Travel service. This will primarily be doing some front end code, and maybe some back end development. I have taken CprE 288 so I do have experience working with embedded systems and sensors. This may prove useful for working with the different sensors we have in mind for this project.
Arlen Burroughs I am a Software Engineering student with most experience in java and C. I currently work as a mobile developer for ISU. I took Intro to Embedded Systems (Cpr E 288) at ISU, so I have light experience working with sensors such as sonar and IR, and the back-end development needed to interpret data from such sensors. I have solid coursework and project experience pertaining to database communication, which may be handy for recording/reporting/organizing sensor data for this project.
Aaron Schafbuch My coursework is focused on embedded system programming and microelectronics. After graduation, I am looking to work as an embedded/firmware programmer or as a microelectronics test engineer.
Mitch Meiss I am a junior/senior graduating in December 2015. I have worked with EDM departments where I help develop and test EDM (Electric discharge machining) machines. I then interned with John Deere working with communications and sensors on their harvesters. I learned a lot about sensor design and implementation from this job and hope to be able to greatly help the group in this area. Next summer I will be working for Silicon Laboratories in Austin TX, where I will be working within the sensors and microcontrollers group working on implementation of sensors gearing towards the internet of things movement.
Andrew Jiles Before coming home to Iowa State I spent a year at the University of Swansea in Wales, and a year at the University of Leicester in England. I have taken courses in Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineering and have interest in all three subjects. I spent last summer with Union Pacific in Omaha working on a proof of concept for UAV use in the railyard to reduce dwell time and improve safety. I have taken several courses in CADD that l will be drawing upon when designing the enclosure for our project. After graduation I hope to take a position at a leading company here in the United States. I currently have a couple of full time offers for after I graduate but no confirmed plans for this coming summer.